Project design for plasma jet or other wide kerf cutting process

This tip may be obvious to most, but I just stumbled onto the idea…
For those of us using LB as 2D CAD for plasma jet cutting, given the wide kerf of this process, typically 0.9mm - 1.8mm depending on amps, feedrate, and metal thickness, I often labor over the bridging (the dimension of space) between shape cutouts usually on the interior of the overall project shape.

I’ve tried adjusting the LB grid spacing to the dimension of the minimum bridging I’d like to have, and the snap to grid dimension being 1/2 of that. Most of the time this works ok. But text shapes tend to need more attention to this bridging detail, and sometimes I have need more precise snap or grid spacing.

It occurred to me this morning to use the Offset tool to make a phony toolpath on selected or all shapes in the design, make it an easy to see color or framing layer, and that gives me the visual check I’m looking for in terms of needing enough bridging and also enough closed shape width to have metal cutting on all of the toolpath, especially where interior toolpath lines are running close and parallel.

Just thought I’d toss this out there in case there are other tips you are using and would like to share.

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