Project file save date and time not updating

RE: REV 1.5.06
Win 10 Pro Intel Processor i7-9700K

I’m a new user just bought a license for my new Longer B1 36. I have noticed that when I create a project, the first “save date/time” is correct, but, any subsequent saves, either as just saving or a save as, does not update the TIME of the file saved as shown in the saved folder. Even when I select “save as”, and give it the same name, the info box asks “Do you want to overwrite file”. When I reply yes, and then check the file in windows explorer, the TIME does not change to the last save time… I tried exiting LB, opening the same file, make some changes, then save, the TIME information still reports the original save date and time. While this may not be a major BUG, it is non the less important to have a CORRECT time reported/written when I save a file. I doubled checked a “Word” file and it does update the date and time of any revision. This “anomaly” is not a show stopper, but, being able to find a project file based on the original save AND updates to that file are important to have. Thanks for a great program that seemingly does everything VERY well… Thanks to all for your much more experienced reply’s… Hank

Unable to replicate on 1.6.0
Create time does not change but Modified Time does on save


  • are you using a cloud service. like OneDrive or googleDrive or alikes?
  • Are you looking at Date Modified or Date Created?

I’m unable to replicate this on v1.6.00 and have not experienced it with earlier versions either. It might sound like a silly question but are you definitely saving it to the same place?

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Shame on ME… I had been off line for a few days and did not receive a reply to an earlier e-mail sent on 3-31-24… After just trying this issue again, the sum biatch worked. I made a post BEFORE checking this again, but, I would have thought that I would/should have received a “fixed” e-mail to inform me of the fix… My apologies…

i am assuming you upgraded lightburn to 1.6 beta?
Because if you changed nothing…

File access is - i can be corrected on this - very OS level stuff so i cant imagine how Lightburn could access, edit and save the new file without it being updated.

I guess is possible but… unlikely.

Still on 1.5.06… Egg on me. I was awaiting a new machine and it seems that the OS people fix this without informing me they did… ALL better now…

great news!

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