Project stopping 90% through, message stating that data may be paused

Cleaned machine, redid connections. Project has 4 elements. 2 identical vector graphics and 2 words.

I can run each element separately, but not all together.


Mac OS Monterey
Omtech 100w co2

A few questions:

  1. When do you get this message? Is this at 90% of data transfer or 90% of job complete?
  2. How long is the job expected to take?
  3. How are you connected from computer to the Ruida?
  4. Are you using Start button or Send button?

A Ruida can’t start a job until it has the complete job in it’s memory.

Very curious… :thinking:


  1. 90% job complete
  2. 13 minutes
  3. USB cable
  4. Start button in LB

Other jobs have been working, problem is just with this one.

From what i understand Start button will allow the job to start running before the entire file is sent over.

Try using Send to see if the behavior changes.

If that doesn’t change anything, try saving RD file and transferring via USB drive. Does that work? If so, that definitely implies a communication issue. In that case, try a different USB cable or Ethernet connection.

The dsp requires and must have the complete data file before it can compute overscan… and execute.

I find it hard to believe you can stream to it… It would be nice to know if that’s possible… my experience with Ruida, is simply that it’s too stupid to multitask like this… great as a controller…


Can’t recall if this was the exact post I first read this or if there’s another but I’ve seen a similar sentiment shared multiple times:

Kind of destroys my confidence in the Ruida… seems it will allow code to run before it computes anything to see if it will fail…

Doesn’t sound like start is a good choice of an option if this is the case.

I always use send and go out to the garage and run it…

Thanks for the link…


I believe it has to do with the duplicate vector graphics.
Everything else has run perfectly, except this. In fact it’s running perfectly now as long as I run each of the 4 parts separately.

I’m hearing from other users that are having similar issues as myself when there are multiple copies of the same vector graphics in a program. Can anyone at lightburn try to recreate this or address this issue?

I recommend using a slightly complex vector image (not a simple shape) and command D (duplicate) the vector several times into one project. Then add some simple text. I believe the program will send, but get hung up at some point and either stop, or lose it’s origin and start engraving in the wrong spot.

The other folks having this issue are also running a Mac into a Ruida.

I’ve run extremely complex designs with no issue.

Have you run these tests I listed:

  1. Try using Send. Does this change behavior?
  2. Try saving to RD file and transferring via USB drive

What are the results?

There are known issue with Mac and Ruida controllers so you might be in that camp. Latest release certainly has potential issues with hardware handshake.

It would be good to first determine if this is indeed a communication issue. The tests above will confirm that.

If it proves to be a communication issue then you have a few options:

  1. potentially swapping USB drivers to known working one
  2. switch to ethernet
  3. switch to LightBurn Bridge which was first conceived in response to Mac->Ruida issues
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Thank you! I will do the tests and report back.

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