Project stops for no apparent reason

*project stops for no apparent reason, I get 3 alarms in gcode grbl cannot guarantee position .Rehoming highly recommended
Alarm 2 g code motion target exceeds machine travel, alarm maybe unlocked
I cannot find any alarm buttons and how do you rehome a machine ? any and all help would be appreciated Thanks Sam

I suspect that the project stopped because the alarm went off.

Three alarms is fairly unusual.
Please copy and paste the alarm messages from the LightBurn Console window in a reply here. Feel free to err on the side of copying too much over.

There weren’t 3 alarms they were alarm #2 and alarm #3. I believe it 's fixed but if you have more info I am willing to accept all help. I was having trouble in the program Lightburn .Using laser Fokoos Fe20, the project would stop part way through. Checking the code I saw two alarms Alarm# 2 g code motion target exceeds machine travel Alarm may be unlocked .
The second alarm #3 Grbl cannot guarantee position, rehoming highly recommended. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I called upon our Guru Paul . He knew before I could finish explaining what the problem was. He took me to laser GRBL and changed one setting ($20 =0). The man is a Magician, Thanks again for all you do for this

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