Project stops working after 1 minute

I have a tenhigh 60w laser. COhesion3d smoothie board.

The projects, regardless of material used or type of project (engrave or cut) stop after about a min.
Lightburn timer still going, Lightburn shows machine as busy. Lightburn and machine must be restarted to get rid of the “busy” message

I have tried different cables into my windows laptop
The card is mounted with metal screws into the space in the machine, I had to cut holes in the machine to make room for usb and power cable and the 2 reset tabs (I think they are reset tabs) next to the usb plug

Any suggestions?

Your C3D board may be having issues with static electricity or high voltage causing errors - I found this thread on the C3D forum that may help you Random Stops - Board Configuration and Setup - Cohesion3D Community

Please take a look at the Console in LightBurn (Window > Console) to see if there are any errors appearing, let us know if there are.

I will take a look, THanks!

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