Projects saved in Gcode version loading in DSP version

Will projects created and saved in the gcode version of the software load and cut/engrave correctly in the DSP version? I’m a member of a makerspace that has a large Ruida-based laser cutter running the DSP version of Lightburn. I like to prepare my projects before I go into the shop to make the cuts so I don’t tie up the cutter for any longer than needed to make my cuts. If I can buy the gcode license for my home system instead of the DSP version, that would be awesome (and to be clear, I don’t have a laser cutter myself – I just want to be able to import dxf files and get them prepped for cutting in our makerspace shop).

Yes. This should work without issue. A few things to be aware of, however. You will not see all the DSP related options while using Gcode mode. So for example, if you wanted to define min power for a cut setting the option would not be available.

Also, I’d suggest that you set the origin the same as how it’s set on the DSP laser you plan to burn on.

For the most part you’d be good to go or at least allow you to get a jump on the design.

Thank you for the quick reply!

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