Projects stopping

Hi there again.
I have had an issue with projects stopping burning.
I have posted before and got some help - but it is still happening.
I have a C3D board, and LightBurn. Love them both.
I design on my iMac, transfer to an ASUS laptop PC for engraving.
I have replaced the USB cable with a newer and shorter one.
I have upped the x and y motor voltages 0.2 each via the SD card.

Tha latest is that I was advised that Windows (which I hate) will power down USB ports occasionally.
I have turned off all sleep/power saver functions.
I went to Device Manager, altered the ‘Power Management’ settings to stop it powering off the USB ports where I was able (there were two with long names which had no option for power management).

Now it seems better, but I still had a job stop along the way. I was burning 4 100 x 100mm slate tiles.
It cut out 3/4 way through the job.

If I restart - the burn is often WAY off from where it ought to be, and says the job is ‘out of bounds’!!!

I have to shut the programme down and restart to get the burns in the same place again, after sanding off the slate.

Please - help. It is driving me mad.

Often when this happens it’s an electrical noise issue, which can be the result of poor grounding in the machine or the board. Read through this and check the suggestions here:

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