Proof you live to be 200 years old

White tile method (in the files section of Created with LightBurn FB)

2.5 watt Eleksmaker 32 bit nano


Stucki dither

105 x 104 mm 110 minutes


Had to queue up “Can’t you hear me knocking” for this one. Just love that dirty guitar riff.

Great job as always.

The eyeliner makes the shot!

Amazing work…
A question. I see the stucki and I see dither… How do you get both to work?
Or do you do stucki first then the dither over it?
Thanks for the help.

“Dither” is actually Floyd-Steinberg dithering. “Dithering” is a generic term meaning “to add noise reduce the appearance of quantization artifacts”, and it’s used in images and audio.

So he used ‘Stucki dithering’, not ‘Stucki’, and then ‘Dither’

Floyd–Steinberg dithering is an image dithering algorithm first published in 1976 by Robert W. Floyd and Louis Steinberg.

Stucki dithering is based on Jarvis dithering, but is faster to compute, and was proposed by Peter Stucki.

Jarvis is actually “Jarvis, Judice, and Ninke”, which again, are the authors last names.


Thank you for the clarification…