Prop for iPhone 10 Max

I made this last night to prop my cellphone up so I can watch videos. Image on front is 3D and materials is 2 layers of 3mm Baltic Burch


Willy, Iā€™m a newbie to this stuff but I am getting better at this stuff. Would you mind telling me how you did this? Settings and so on

:thinking: Humm, I created 2 images in CorelDraw 18X. Mirrored 2nd image. Created a 3D effect for one side and Business name for other side. I have a program called PhotoGrav that I drag 3D effect into to process image for laser. After I lasered both parts, I glued them together

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The 3d effect is pretty slick on this. Came out great!

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Thank you. I watch Doug Green (CorelDraw Tips and Tricks on YouTube) Some of his newest videos deals with 3D. Really some Cool Stuff