Proper S-Value Max setting in Lightburn 1.4 for Longer Ray5 10W

When I purchased my laser and downloaded the LightBurn software, version 1.4, my laser did not seem to be cutting very powerfully. I contacted Longer support and they indicated that I should set my S-value max at 1000. When I did, everything I engraved seem to be too powerful and dark, burning a lot of wood material. So I scaled it down to 550. Seems to work, but is there a specific setting for the S value max for this particular 10W laser?

The way I understand it, which is probably wrong ! is that within reason it doesn’t really matter what the S-value number ( above 255) is set to, as long as the value of $30 matches. Mine however is set to 1000.

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I too have a Ray5 10W laser. My S value number is set to 1000 and it matches the $30. When I run the material test in Lightburn 1.4, [Fill mode] choosing 10 boxes @ 5mm, speed from 1,000 to 10,000, and power from 10% to 100% and run test - with the speed only at 1000 and power at 30%, it’s starts really burning the 3 mm Basswood. When it gets to 40%, and higher power, it burns right through the 3 mm Basswood. What I used to Louisiana Hobby Guy’s greyscale test, it does not burn like the Lightburn material test. Don’t understand that. Plus one other thing. I have my laser on when framing selected - but the laser doesn’t show. Where do I set the power of the laser on framing? Thank you for any kind of help.

I think it’s at the bottom of the move window… down by the fire button.

The configuration is detailed in the lightburn grbl setup.

As was advised, $30 needs to be the same value as S-Value Max.

I don’t know about this test… However if I put it on my 1kW laser it will probably blast through 3mm wood. There has to be power/speed adjustments that can be made. You can’t just take some of these test patterns and run them with higher/lower power machines and expect the same results…

So I’m misunderstanding your problem or ?


Thanks. I had to add Move and raised power to 1% and all is good. I am now experimenting with different material test numbers. Appreciate your help. Have a great weekend.

Great, explain what fixed what and mark yours as solved…

This allows someone down the road with similar issues to quickly see what the fix is without reading a long list of suggestions…

Have fun


How do I mark “Solved?”

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