Proper Speed power etc

Is there a guide. That gets a. Ewboe in the area of correct settings. I don’t want to waste a small barn worth of material. Is there a guide like for nasla wood… for 3 mil plauwood x for pine plank y and for glass it’s q and for tile is there such a guide…or instructions 0n said materials… Thanks

This is a good question for all Ortur users. @OrturTech, do you folks have or intend to produce a Materials Library for your systems? :wink:

It would make life easier, cutting up second barn as we speak…

I did notice that the Ortur team included a document entitled “Reference Table of Engraving Power & Speed of Laser Master & Laser Master1 & Laser Master 2 - With LU20W” within the ZIP file mentioned in the documentation link. They also included one for the different laser wattages as well. It was within this zip file (

Here is an excerpt from the file.

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