Protect switch on 100w laser ruida 6445g

Hi, guys… I’m new member here, and I bought 100w laser with ruida 6445g controler. As I already saw, here was some discussions about door protect switches. As other people, I have problem, because when door is open, the whole machine is shutting off, not only the laser tube. I saw some advices about cn2 sector and dr proc pin on controler, but i don’t know how should i conect that… In meanwhile, i used my logic, and instead door switch connected on power wire, that shut down laser, I connected the switch to the laser tube wire, it works. I don’t know is that good for laser tube, and if there is genuine controler option, I would like to ask someone to explain how the wiring looks like… Thanks in advance

Oh please i hope you don’t mean you connected the door switch to the high voltage wire to the tube.???
Because that would be insanely dangerous! Like seriously extremely, “you could die” sort of dangerous.

The controller has inputs specifically for door protection switch.

Thanks for answer, but no, I think that’s not high voltage wire. I conected door switch to the laser beam switch, which is located by the emergency stop button at the front of the laser, thin yellow wires. Can you explain me how to do it right over ruida controller?

Ahh, OK, sounds like you’re interrupting the power wire to the HV power supply. That’s OK. :slight_smile:

The best way is to wire a switch between the “DrProc” and “GND” terminals of the controller.
The switch should be closed when the door is shut and open when the door is open.

You may need to enable it in the controller settings.

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If I’m following you…

Put it back like it was and turn it off in the controller

Screenshot from 2021-09-12 14-07-24

“Enable door open protect” Mine is set to disable ‘false’.


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Thanks a lot… I’ll try to instal the switch over controller… And if i dont get it right, I’ll just set everything back, and turn the switch in program settings.

You don’t have door protection?
How is yours wired if you do?

I’m usually in mine, so, Yes, I have protection and it’s factory wired. I just turned it off in the controller. What a pain in the a**. Hopefully it won’t censor me this time :slight_smile:

Turned it off the first day I got it…

Even when I run, it’s usually open at least an inch for air flow. Mostly it’s open and I’m watching it… :slight_smile:


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Ah, got it.
I kind of like having a lid switch. It’s just one added layer of insurance against me doing something stupid. I’m a pretty careful driver but I still like to wear a seat belt.

My machine didn’t even come with a door switch. I added one. It’s just a simple reed switch & magnet arrangement wired to the controller and I can open the front of the door about 4" before it trips off so lifting a little for ventilation is no big deal. (yeah, i do that too)
If I open it far enough to get my head and arms in there to do stuff then it’s locked out and I like that.

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If I’m tired, I don’t mess with it. I understand how it works and really enjoy watching it operate. I wear ‘ears’ on the range, but I know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of and enjoy watching them operate also. Laser is no different. I think that’s what makes it an ‘adult’ toy :slight_smile:

The switch on mine is a ‘hall’ type that senses the metal in the lid.

It would be nice if it could support itself as part of the hobby…

I probably spend more time fiddling with it than actually doing any kind of real work. The purchase was to learn these machines.

I hadn’t owned it for three weeks before I pitched the head that came with the machine. Not that it didn’t work, although it had plenty of issues, but it was difficult to really ‘see’ what’s happening with those factory heads.

I really don’t stick anything ‘in’ the cabinet while it’s operating for standard stuff. Keep my hands out of it, I’m pretty safe. :slight_smile:


I keep my door protection off but hang this for the riffraff to see:

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With the fine transparent lid machines being made today, there is no obstacle to being mesmerized by the laser process itself, (I do too) if I have time for it :wink:. But, I know myself if the lid is open and some small object tilts up or lies across - I will try to catch or remove them - while the laser is running.
It took me a year and 2 x $ 100 fines to get used to the seat belt in the car but only a few days to close the door of my laser machines while they work, now it is “strange” for me to drive without a seat belt or with an open machine lid.

When I was 10 I got a ride in a private plane. I never again had to be reminded to wear a seat belt.

I can’t hardly see mine through that thing they call a window…