Protection for eyes

Hello I’m a newby, just bought an ordur laser master 2 20W

I’m asking question about security… for eyes especialy.
The device is equiped with safety glasses… are they good enough ? for what ?

Globlaly what are the risks ?

And last… can I buy somewhere other protection system (glasses or something else) ?

Thank you


The risks are genuine and high. Don’t even think about looking at the laser even from a distance or what you might consider a safe position. Reflections can be just as bad as direct exposure. The ones that come with the laser are probably at the lower end of what is required, but would do in a pinch. I bought these to replace my supplied ones when I had a blue diode laser. Be aware of the wavelength that they protect at if you do any comparisons. Diode lasers need a different glass that CO2.

Hope that helps,


hello, thanks for your answer

this type of glasses is needed in the datasheet : 400-445nm (±5nm), O.D.+5, L- Niveau minimum requis L5

can you help me find glasses ??

can we say… if we wear glasses we are 100% safe for our eyes ?

Hi, the glasses I linked to are perfect for that range of wave lengths they cover 190nm to 1700nm. OD4+ is perfectly fine as well. Eaglepair are a very well recommended brand. So if you have access to Amazon then these will do very nicely for you.



Only if they are the correct glasses. ordinary spectacles are no good to protect against these wave lengths



Does these one are correct too ?
OD5 is better than OD4 ?

Yes, those would be fine. OD 5 is better than OD 4 but is un necessary for your laser power, but there is certainly no down side other than cost usually.

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