Protection of the laser module (Atomstack X30 PRO mod. M150)

Protection of the laser module

the orange colored protective glass broke during cleaning and I can’t find any indication of how to find a spare part or a replacement glass to apply in place of the broken one.

The same problem is also that of finding suitable protection material when making a container for collecting fumes to make an inspection window.

What material can be used and where can it be purchased?
(of course I already checked Amazon, Ebay and other sites)

More often than not these parts are proprietary and custom made

Have you reached atomstack support for a replacement?

Thank you for the reply but I was looking for a quick third-party solution because Atomstack does not have spare parts in the catalog and my trust with this manufacturer is very low. I purchased a Z axis adapter directly from them but it is unusable because they did not include the limit switch in the kit which must be replaced otherwise when it goes into homing it crashes. I had to wait more than 3 months and they also made a mistake in sending the replacement.
I could easily glue a protection onto the laser window but I can’t find certainty in the necessary characteristics and the type of product to use.
Do you have any suggestions?

Sorry to hear about your troubles

Could you post a picture of your laser module and the broken part, that will give us some better clues

sorry for the delay…here are the pictures…

I think only AtomStack could provide you with the bottom shield complete if i am honest.
You could try to adapt it but will never be a good job

Maybe it’s not professional but I found some plex that filters the same wavelength on Aliexpress and I glued it to the window, it doesn’t disturb the homing at the end of the switch, so case solved.