Protective Covers?

I have a TTS-55 cutter, and I have added Air Assist. The first photo is the laser with the air assist added. The second photo is the default magnetic cover used before adding air. The third is the heat scorching I am getting now, even in low-power cutting. The air assist cover does not have a cut-out gap like the original and many others I have seen online. I’m assuming heat is getting trapped and not allowing proper ventilation.

The air assist ring does have set screws and is removable. Is there any legitimate reason I can’t remove the protective ring under the laser module to allow the air assist to work better while cutting?

I understand this exposes the light from the laser and will need to be studious in wearing the protective. The good thing is I would in my shop and don’t get visitors.

I don’t have this engraver on hand.

Is this the kit you installed?

It’s possible. I have seen similar marks from the smoke being dragged across the engraving.

For air assist, the velocity of the air seemed to make the most difference for me. More air velocity may help reduce the scorching marks.

Yup, that’s the one.
I will say that I removed that protective ring and I have not had a problem since. I was told on a two trees group in Facebook that that protective cover really only protects people’s eyes when they don’t use the glasses.

We urge folks to wear protective eyewear when engraving and to keep a fire extinguisher near yourself and your laser. We’re also pretty insistent about folks being near/ adjacent/ attending to the needs of their laser engravers while they are engraving.

I’m going to offer a retort to the advice you’ve received from the Facebook community.

“Some stranger at the car club meeting told me to remove the seatbelts from my car. They only work when people drive into stuff.” :slight_smile:

All joking aside, A shield like a ‘salad bar sneeze guard’ made out of correctly tinted and rated plastic between the chassis of the laser engraver and any nearby enthusiasts may work well for you.

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