Prover XL 4030 v2. Coordinates off

Trying to set up my Prover XL V2 4030 to run a cfl55 5.5w sainsmart laser. The issue I am having is this. My machine homes to top right when I ? my position shows as (see below). So when I g0 x0 y0 it does not go to right place. In my device settings I have origin to bottom left. Have tried with top right as well. Only difference is on the top right my movements are all reversed. Home position still shows the same.
I know I can use the G10 L2 P1 to offset. My position when I home is way off though and I am unsure why. In other software shows X-3 Y-3 as it should. Below you will find $I $$ and #H ?.









Target buffer size found






































So after much research, lightburn forums. I found a fix. Feel like there an easier way but I did this. I homed which is back right for my machine. Then I set my g54 xo yo with a G10 L20 P1 X-3 y-3. -3 because that is what my homing cycle sets too. After that i used the standard G10 L2 P1 X-407 Y-307 (still have 3 mill before limit switches). Device set to bottom left, any other way makes movements reversed.
Credit where its due. Found that info from this post:

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