Provide mounting hole position schematics and camera position


It would be really nice if there was a mounting position schematics and camera lens position so that when 3D constructing the enclosure you don’t need to do all the measuring yourself.

This way it’s also easy to see if there was a change in the mounting position with future version of the cameras.

There’s this, though I don’t know how the new cameras compare to the old versions, in regards to dimensions.

I created a backing plate and another T plate to make a simple mount for the 8MP camera on some 2020 extrusion.
I glued the acrylic pieces together and used some small bolts and nuts to attach the camera to the backer plate.

Lightburn Camera mount.lbrn (5.7 KB)

Hi Blake, thanks for sharing, any chance of the original Fusion file?

Much obliged,


Sorry, I didn’t create it. But I think you can import step files into Fusion.

Chrome blocked the original download as suspect. Not to worry, when I eventually get a camera I can model one up.



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