Public Beta Releases - 1.4.03 Linux AppImage

This is an update to the 1.4.03 beta to provide additional support for the Linux release.


If you’ve never run an AppImage file before, there are 2 steps you’ll need to take:

  1. You need to make sure that your system has libfuse2 installed. On Ubuntu and its derivatives, use sudo apt install libfuse2 from a terminal.
  2. You have to make the AppImage file executable. Depending on your graphical interface, the menus may differ slightly from this animated example: Otherwise, you can do it from the terminal as well if you prefer, using chmod a+x <Path to>/LightBurn_1.4.03.AppImage

If you need additional help to run the AppImage itself (not the AppImage having a problem - this is what this discussion is for, to give us feedback), you can read through this AskUbuntu thread: packaging - What is an "AppImage"? How do I install it? - Ask Ubuntu


Known fixed items:

  • libxcb-xinerama related bug noted here

Quick note about still-remaining bugs:

  • Camera won’t work on *buntu > 20.04

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