Puissance en MA (power in milliamps)

we always talk about cutting percentage but its varies according to the power of the machine why we do not say example 10mm / s and 25 ma
thank you

Because not everyone has a ammeter? I couldn’t tell you what ma anything I run is, but 50% of my 100w co2 tube is a good rough estimate that I can easily put into Lightburn. Where’s the mA input in Lightburn?

Well, I understand your suggestion, but every co2 tube has its own power scale unfortunately. This means that 16 mA (my max value) on my K40 machine does not fit a 100 Watt machine. You can’t even use it 100% on another machine with the same specification if one machine is one year older than the other.

Yeah, it’s a rather imprecise workflow I’d say. But I work with wood mostly, so even if I had the perfect mA for a job that worked yesterday, a different wood type, grain, moisture content, mineral content, etc, will make each project look different anyhow. I’m not too concerned with how deep I burn the wood, just that it burns, is visible, and somewhat resembles what I was trying to make.

You also have to remember that laser power is determined by both the current AND the voltage.
A 40W laser tube will run at around 15kV and 18mA max but a 100W tube might use 22kV and 26mA max.
Typically the larger and longer the tube the higher voltage you need. (Note: these are operating votlages not trigger voltages which will be higher).

So the current being drawn has zero to do with the output power unless you also factor in the voltage.

100% is always 100%, 50% is 50% and so on.
Laser cutters are a mix beasts of both digital and analog regimes.
Laser tube will not always produce the same laser output for a given mA that flows through it. not all laser tubes lives the same. some are better then others, and as these gets old, you need more current for the same power output. tubes are analog devices for all intents and purposes.

Don’t get me wrong - i as well wanted to have reading in mA, or better - in Watts but % makes more sense.

Remember what mama used to say:


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