Pull out guide lines from the rulers

(Doug Laing) #1

I have been a Lightburn user for some time now, I have two lasers (one large 120W, and a mid sized 50Watt)

I create objects on a large CNC using Vectric Aspire, InkScape and Illustrator.

I use guides to help with alignment, Now in Lightburn I am creating many no output box’s to get the job done. It would be nice to have guides like all my other creation tools. I do this as a business and basic tools are great and save time.

Please think of giving use this basic tool.

(Rick James) #2

Thank you for your thoughts. You can add your support for this idea on our voting site.

(Gene Collier) #3

I would love to see this added!

(Rick James) #4

Then vote @Gene8522 :slight_smile: