Pulses per revolution

How do I figure out how many pulses per revolution my stepper motors are? Is there an axis calibration in LightBurn?

There isn’t an axis calibration in LightBurn yet. The steps per revolution for nearly every stepper motor is 200, with some being 400. Then you multiply by the micro-step setting on the motor driver.

Are you trying to figure this out for a rotary, or for your main X/Y stage?

Both, My Son in Law has his controller hooked up and when he cuts a 4" square everything looks great on the display, but when it cuts he ends up with a 4" x 2" rectangle. I’m sure this is the problem.
I am getting ready to order my Ruida controller and then I will purchase LightBurn. I will also use a rotary. So this is Info I will need.


Step length for Ruida controllers can be set in Edit > Machine Settings, in the Vendor Settings area near the bottom. GRBL controllers have a ‘steps per mm’ value that can be set there as well. For your son in law’s machine, if it’s a Ruida or other DSP controller, he would cut the step length value in half, so the machine knows it needs to take more steps to make the correct length. For a GRBL controller, you’d double the ‘steps per mm’ value to get the same effect.

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