Purchased the OMTech XL-300 Fume Extractor. Full review incoming

As with everything OMTECH, there are many ways to purchase. I’m opting to purchase from a reliable seller on eBay that isn’t OMTech. Pretty sure they’re all just “OMTech” staff selling via eBay. But you can buy the same unit on Alibiba for around $500 with a 1 unit minimum.

I’ve been careful on Alibaba and still had mixed luck but we are talking very few orders. Buy at your risk.

Shipping is free and I’ll save $300 (over ordering OMTech from their direct website), plus you can purchase a warranty. This is the same model as the FSL-200 Full Spectrum laser used to sell so you know it’s reliable and parts will be around for a bit.

  • Input Voltage: 110V/60Hz 330W
  • Filter Layers: 5
  • Negative Pressure: 0.4 psi (2500 Pa) - (going to test if I can)
  • Max. Airflow Speed: 69 ft/sec (21 m/s) - (going to test if I can)
  • Noise Level: <60 dB or Conversation in a restaurant, office, background music, or Air conditioning unit at 100 feet.

CFM is listed as a very high 4143 with some documentation suggesting a more realistic 453 and one at 263CFM.

The Static Pressure is about 10” and if it holds true that’s plenty.

I’m posting this so that others can find some info and make a more informed decision.


Thanks for the info, Willy. I’m excited to read your experience description when you’re done testing it. The prices for replacement filters are also interesting. I hope this device meets your requirements so you do not come into conflict with your neighbors when working with acrylic.

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The prices for filters is very competitive! Wish I wasn’t so cheap, I’d buy some tools like a voc air monitor or a Handheld Anemometer which is a possibility.

It’s really for general woodworking, I’ll try some acrylic. At this price point there’s some used Purex commercial filters on eBay, but the filter cost is huge for something that will ultimately vent outside no matter what.

Reality is, it’s just a box with a blower and filters. I’ll stock up on some filters and make a different pre filter probably.

It looks promising but :crossed_fingers:

It has arrived, undamaged. A bit taller than I was told it’d be.

I don’t have a way to test the CFM or pressure, but the suction is very powerful and the wind it produces can easily make my wifes hair look like shes in a strong breeze from across the room.

I had a lot of work (outside the Laser Engraver) just fall into my lap so I’ll have an official test soon and let you know the results.

Examining the filters, the uppermost filter is a deep pocket filter.

The middle filter may only need a single filter.

The carbon filter should be better refurbished by user.


I must be getting old. I put the keys inside the hatch before I covered it 6 months ago. Took me forever to find them. Anyhow.

Initial impressions are good so far. I would have liked to have found the XL-500 for sale, but it clears the chamber easily on first test, will require more testing.

Decibel is on par with my old setup, maybe a touch more loud but easy to speak above in a shop or garage.

I will finish setup and report back on the filters, the pre filter I am making for the pre filter, and a final review in 1, 3, 6 months and when I have major issues or first filter change.

The way I have it setup is 4" in and it was 4" out, but the flow is so strong I am using the included adaptor to make the outlet 6". It inflates the 4" taught like a bouncy house, too much airflow!

Will have the setup done in a few days.

EDIT: Removed fan and constrictor. The Fume Extractor has a 5" outlet that is compressed to 4" before entering or exiting machine so I am on the hunt for a 5" to 6" adapter to help the flow. Just removing the constrictor, making exiting hose 6" has really helped the backpressure. There is zero smell in the apartment unless the window it’s in is cracked.

So don’t expect this thing to be vented into your house. You need a Fume Extractor designed for that like a PUREX where it will recirculate the air over the Carbon filter several times to scrub all VOC’s.

I will keep testing and make a full review soon.