Purchased the wrong license for topwisdom

I purchased the wrong type of license it would seem. When I bought it it only gave me the option for GRBL (unless I did it wrong by accident). What I need is the DSP license for my Topwisdom controller. How can I get it changed? Please help, much appreciated.

Did you not see this page?:

You can just upgrade your license from GCode to DSP here:

I didn’t see the dsp option. Of course I probably overlooked it, my bad. Will I have to pay the full $80 on top of the $40 I already paid, or can I even up by paying an additional$40 on top of my earlier purchase?

No, the upgrade is just paying the difference in price, that’s all. Not even an admin fee or anything - We’re not that kind of company. :slight_smile:

I have to ask though, does this not show up on your screen in the above post?

Awesome, thank you so much! I apologize for this mistake on my part. Thanks again and I will start testing the topwisdom controller tonight :grin:

It does, I just didn’t see it in time before I asked.

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