Push to back doesn't work

I’ve read other posts about using push to back but it refuses to work. I tried changing everything to one layer with no result. Innorher apps, it’s just select the element and push to front or back. Am i missing a step?

Push to back will affect object order within a layer. However, it cannot supersede the layer order in Cut/Layers window. Change order of layers to change stacking order for the entire layer.

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It refuses to move, no matter what layer order. The weird thing is, I opened the file inCarveco, and it is behind the antler as it should be. Thinking i had the problem solved, I downloaded the Carveco file, then see that it is an .art file and Lightburn doesn’t recognize it. No problem, I’ll use a converter. Converter loaded file, did its thing, then gave an error message. I don’t think I’m supposed to use this file! Thought Canva might work but, no.

Update: i did get the file to download from Canva.

Based on what you’re saying I suspect what you’re trying to do is not actually related to layer order.

Are you trying to remove a portion of the green selected shape such that the antlers are not obstructed?

Not necessarily remove, although I considered that as an option. That bar just needs to be behind the antlers the same as the others. I did manage to get the file to download from Canva so I’ll just leave it as one of life’s little mysteries, lol.
I am so thankful for all your help. I try not to abuse it!

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