Put Text on a ellipse or cicle

Someone please help with putting text inside an ellipse or a circle. I am a new one here with an ORTUR laser master 2, 20 watt. I am wanting to put words in the top and the bottom of a circle. I saw somewhere on this forum where Rick James was clicking on parts of the text to form it to rolled text. Can someone please post for me the exact keyboard strokes to do this? How do I fit to path the text? Like I said, I am new to all of this.

Thanks for any help,

THANKS ALL for the help on wrapping text on a circle or ellipse with the keystrokes. Like I said, I am a new one here and learning it all as I go.


If I remember, I was showing the Bendy Text feature discussed above. Type some text, exit text edit mode and select the text object. You should see a ‘Blue Dot’ next to the text that when hovered over with your mouse, it changes to show an arc signifying you can grab-drag the dot to bend the text in an arc.

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