Putting Libraries onto thumb drive?

I have learned to create my own library. Now what if I want to load it onto my thumb drive so I can take it with me to Makerspace.
A snapshot of a few of my libraries:
My libraries
Off topic. I can do the libraries but I still can cut a heart in two pieces?

You should have no issues transferring files via USB drive - though I’m not clear on what you mean by cutting a heart in two pieces? Do you mean the Cut Shapes tool? Cut Shapes Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

Walla, I figured how to copy to my USB.

The link to the Broken Heart tutorial (which sounds much easier than creating libraries and copying to USB). BUT, I can not make it work…following tutorial step by step. I haven’t got a million steps left in my lifetime!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddjgm_TcvnY

I used to move them around all the time on a memory stick… Now they all reside on the server…

We fixed your heart 5 days ago … didn’t you get it?

Even @JohnJohn pitched in for a more clear explanation …

The crack shape you created was not a closed object… it’s around 11 minutes into the video… I found it by select open shapes.


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