Puzzle generator online


If you ever need to generate a puzzle pattern… this might come in useful.

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That is so cool.
I love those links you share with us all.
keep 'em coming :+1:

I’ll do my best!

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You always do @sensor!

The site is closing down because of malware .

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That’s too bad, where did you read about it?

Use the link BUT erase everything after . com

Hello, Sorry, maybe a stupid question, but how can I incorporate a picture into the puzzle pattern ? This seems to have been very intuitive for Squid, but not for me… Thanks for your help on this old topic…

It is easy. Load the puzzle in Lightburn and put the image on top of it. Then engrave first… cut as the last step

It was a stupid question…
Thanks a lot, i was looking for something more complicated whereas Lightburn is my friend !
Have a nice week-end

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