Puzzled about cutting 3mm Plywood Sculpfun S9 with air assist

Hey out there.
Looking for some input. Scratching my head a bit here.
I have been trying to cut 3mm plywood from Makerstock.
I am running at 90 Percent power at 250mm 3 passes and get about 90% successfully cut.
I run 90% power at 250mm and 4 passes…same result.
I am a bit puzzled.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Richard,
Run the test card ( from the LAHobbyGuy) and you will have a good idea what settings will work for cuts etc. I also have the S9 and it gives you a great guide for settings.
universal-engrave-cut-test-V10.lbrn2 (2.0 MB)

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I would suggest cutting a little faster. The slower you cut, the more charring you create. And the laser has to go through this before cutting the next layer. So, I suggest using something like 400 or 500 mm/min at 85% and 5-6 passes.

Thanks for the information. I notice there is a lot of charm on the edges. I will give your suggestion a try.

I think the tact that everything has an ideal speed/feed rate it on track. I can cut through with many different speeds/feeds, but there a relative small window on where the best cut is.

A good cut, has so little charring that you have a hard time seeing it on a tissue. At the other ends of the spectrum, your fingers are black…

I use a co2, but the general concept is the most power you can afford or are comfortable with, along with the fastest feed rate.

Good luck


Thanks Jack
I will go play with it. Right now the charring is bad. While the laser vents outside…the cut wood stinks. ick.
I confess I am really new to the laser but have worked with CNC and 3D printers so it’s not all new. That said I know I have more to learn.


Unfortunately, as with most things, the more you learn the more you understand that you know less about than you though.


hahahah that’s so true.

Hey Melvin.
I gave 500mm/m at 85% power. I ran 7 passes and it cut great. I had one spot that wasn’t all the way through. But other then that it was great. In fact the char seemed less severe on these cuts.
Thanks for the assistance.

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