QR code for outdoor: which material?

Hello All,
I need to burn cheap QR code signs for outdoor use (tree tags), about 4"x6" inches.
What material could I use?
Wood has little contrast.
I have a Neie Master 2S.
Thanks for you time and advice,

Consider these options. They should all result in fairly high contrast outcomes:

  1. wood treated with borax or possibly baking soda. The resulting burn is much darker. You’d likely want to post treat the wood for durability
  2. dark anodized aluminum - the resulting burn should have high contrast
  3. Use cermark or similar product to mark steel or tile or other durable surface

@berainlb i go a little ot… can cermark be used with diode or the power is too weak for it?

I’ve never used it myself but I’ve seen plenty of videos where this is done successfully with a diode laser. Cermark FAQ indicates using a 10W diode laser but not clear if that’s input or output power.

Here’s a video of marking stainless using Cermark with a xTool D1:

Same creator marking glass with Cermark:

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By the way, the primary component in Cermark that allows for the marking is a molybdenum component, likely molybdenum disulfide. It’s often used in lubricants so if you can’t find Cermark or it’s too expensive you could try to find an alternative that contains molybdenum disulfide as a substitute.

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Thank you a lot for your search and explaination :wink:

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I made some tree tags for a company once. It had a number and QR code on it. I bought some laserable aluminium tags to do this job. It would be perfect for you.

thanks! will try that

I managed to mark some ceramic tile using spinel pigmented VHT high temperature ‘Flameproof’ exhaust paint. Product number CSP102

Spinel is a Manganese-Iron compound. SDS sheets at link provided.

Snowflake line art: NWT snowflake line art at 150mm/min 90% power 5500mw SainSmart 3018 : clean with acetone, paint, engrave, wash off with acetone.

A carbide machinists scribe is required to remove it but it also removes the glaze from the tile.

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