Qr code generator not opening

When I click on the qr code generator in the tools menu nothing happens. Any tips on how to fix this? It use to work now its not.

Operator error. I forgot the click and drag. I’ll see myself out.


To help others that might stop by…

Here is the section of documentation covering the use of the LightBurn QR Code tool: QR Code Generation - LightBurn Software Documentation


LightBurn can easily generate QR Codes for you using the QR Code tool. Navigate to the Tools Menu and then select Create QR Code.

With the QR tool selected, click and drag in the Edit Window where it will show a square being drawn, this will be the initial size of your QR Code. Once you release the mouse button, you will be shown the QR Code Properties dialog.

From here there are 3 main options for QR code content:

  • Raw content: typically plain text or URLs
  • WIFI: Creates a WiFi access point configuration code for mobile devices.
  • Contact: Creates a “Contact Card” code which will load contact info into your mobile device’s contacts.
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