QR code, how useful is it

I have been trying different ideas for using the QR code. So far I find only a few that cannot be done on your cell phone without the code. Please enlighten me since I would really like to use it in a product we haven’t developed yet.

A QR code is only useful to the person implementing it, as a convenience to the person viewing it. My wireless security camera will view a validating security QR code in order to be added to the system. I use the QR code when paying at the local grocery stores, with their app. For the average human bean, it could be useful to point to a personal web page or similar URL of interest.

Your question is rather broad and would benefit from a more specific focus.

I think of it as an advertising tool for instance. A wooden “piece” resting on a restaurant table with the restaurant logo and pertinent info plus their Menu on the code

We have been in business soooooo-- many years. Many products we see or think of makes the juices flow.

We hate the doggone electronics on the tables in so many restaurants. Most of the time they won’t read the credit card.

You are spot on with understanding the potential. You might find some interesting information entering “so why qr codes” into the googlage. so why qr codes - Google Search

If you haven’t seen already, LightBurn can help you produce very complex QR Code art directly. QR Code Generation - LightBurn Software Documentation

In my country, many fruits and vegetables are sold by small private gardeners who live along the roads. Many have a qr code which opens a nationwide payment system (MobilePay) we have and with quite a few clicks the business is complete.
In many museums, the qr code is used to refer to a more complete explanation or other important information.
The basic idea is that the devices play together, without too much interaction from the consumer. QR-Code-mobile-the right app that shows the right result.
Example with the w-lan code is fine, you scan the code with the mobile phone and it connects itself to the web without fiddling with passwords and so on. Another example, all covid -19 tests (in this country) get a QR code for computer-based processing, it is much more efficient and secure.

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