QR Code negative not engraving when overlapping shape is enlarged

I’ve encountered a pretty strange behavior, not ready to call it a bug but I am pulling my hair out.

My goal is to create a QR code on a pre-painted wooden surface by etching the negative.

In all of my testing, this worked perfectly. I was using the QR code generator, placed inside of a box with a slight offset, both overlapping set to the same fill setting.

As soon as I moved to my actual part, there is no QR output.

I did some sanity testing, and have included a couple of images.

In the first, I’ve placed the QR code inside of a circle and I get a beautiful etch.
As soon as I make the circle larger (all other things kept equal), I get no etch at all, it just etches the entire circle.


Any clue what is going on here?

Can you upload the .lbrn file that you’re using? There may be something going on in the design.

And a photo of the output please.

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