QR CODE Update request

I am wondering if this update is possible. I would like to see a company name field and also maybe 2 social media link fields. Is this even possible? I am unsure how much data can actually be input into the codes. I understand that what I want and what is possible are two completely different things, but these additions would be amazing and I cant imagine it would be difficult to code, if its even possible.

We’re currently supporting the ‘MeCard’ format, because it’s more widely compatible than the ‘vCard’ format, but there’s nothing stopping you from altering the raw content to use vCard instead:

MeCard: MeCard (QR code) - Wikipedia
vCard: vCard - Wikipedia

The vCard format has an ‘ORG’ tag for ‘organization’, IE, the company, but neither one allows for multiple URLs for different social media links.

Got it, thanks for the quick reply, Oz. It never hurts to ask!

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