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Problem: when editing the QR code for “Contact” I input info into the ‘Note’ space then clicked “OK”. When scanning with my phone to see if all info worked there is nothing in the ‘Notes’ space.

  1. Further info: scanning this with iPhone ver 15.3.1

  2. I checked through the forum and saw this note from FEB 28 → “We’re currently supporting the ‘MeCard’ format…”

  3. Saw and went to the Wiki link and read vCard requirements: applied them in the “Raw Content” area

BEGIN:VCARD:VERSION:3.0;N:xxxxxxx,xxxxxxt;ADR:2500 xxxxxx xxxx DR. City, ST;TEL:7571234567;NOTE:14" Spalted Maple Peppermill;END:VCARD

  1. I see the code?? generated but when going back to the “Contact” area all previous info was deleted.

  2. I put info back - checked the “Raw Content” area and we’re back to MECARD format.

  3. Is my above input formatted properly?

  4. I’m creating this for a client and he also has iPhone so don’t know if the ‘Note’ is readable in other than iPhone.

Any help appreciated.

I’m trying to work out what you’re actually trying to get to.

In the end, do you want vCard or MeCard?

Are you expecting the raw content to be parsed and inserted into the Contact tab?

I can confirm that the Notes field directly populated in Contacts tab is readable on phone running Android 12. I believe another user earlier on iPhone had the same issue with not being able to read Note field.


Thx for quick reply –
you ask - "In the end, do you want vCard or MeCard?" If I can get the notes to show on the iPhone contact using MECARD that would be great but that isn’t happening. So I figured that I need to use vCard.

and… "Are you expecting the raw content to be parsed and inserted into the Contact tab?"" not necessarily but then I refilled info in the “Contact” side the vCard coding changed back to MECARD.

If there is someway to have the Note info show up o iPhone then there would be no need to change to vCARD. Just don’t know how to go about rectifying this.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I tried this example vCard from w3.org. I can see the Notes field in the same Android 12 phone. Haven’t tested on iPhone. Does this work for you?

FN:John Doe
ORG:Example.com Inc.;
TITLE:Imaginary test person
TEL;type=WORK;type=pref:+1 617 555 1212
TEL;type=CELL:+1 781 555 1212
TEL;type=HOME:+1 202 555 1212
TEL;type=WORK:+1 (617) 555-1234
item1.ADR;type=WORK:;;2 Example Avenue;Anytown;NY;01111;USA
item2.ADR;type=HOME;type=pref:;;3 Acacia Avenue;Newtown;MA;02222;USA
NOTE:John Doe has a long and varied history\, being documented on more police files that anyone else. Reports of his death are alas numerous.
item5.X-ABRELATEDNAMES;type=pref:Jane Doe
CATEGORIES:Work,Test group

Which version of LightBurn are you using? I remember there was an issue, unfortunately not recalling the details at the moment. Here is what I am seeing from an iPhone with the latest beta.


Thanks for searching and finding a solution from W3.org. Everything is picked up except Notes.
At least we know it works with Android phones.

Gotta be something blocking that area.

@Rick At least on Windows for 1.1.03 the Raw content generated is slightly different than what you’re showing. So maybe fixed in beta?


@SteveW, you should try the Raw Content from Rick’s example and see if that works for you.

Just looked again, I put ;) as a txt based smiley in that field. It looks like it is parsed from results on the iPhone viewer.

Haha. :rofl: I was wondering about that and couldn’t parse the syntax but didn’t see it in the original Contacts tab so assumed it was something generated.

Notes line had 2 semicolons at end “;;”. Deleted one - no luck.

I’m on LB 1.1.03

Ok I see that the end of a MECARD is double semi-colons. Still no fix.

Odd. Curious why the difference from yours and Rick’s…

After more searching on the net I came across this Apple thread →
Notes in contacts do not transfer when sh… - Apple Community
It seems it was a security concern (in case your note had something not-so-nice about the recipient that you wouldn’t want the recipient to know). So “Notes” are blocked when transferring between all things Apple, however, the fact that it transfers to “Other” phones was something the Apple folks forgot to consider.

So use the vCard format PY posted from w3 dot org [adjusted to what you need] or just put full name in “First Name” field and in the “Last Name” field add a short note when using the MECARD format already in LB.

This can be a PITA, but a workaround. Hopefully someday Apple comes around.

Thanks for your help TE & PY.

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