QR codes - can web address be altered?

Hi, I have a customer who wants to order an engraved qr code plaque from me that will link to their website. They have mentioned that they may change their website address in the future. Therefore, can you tell me whether it’s theoretically possible to edit the qr code destination so that it links to a new website and therefore the qr code on plaque will still be usable? Many thanks, Annie

There’s nothing magic about QR codes, they’re all just encoded text. So if for example you have a QR code with the following text: “https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com” it will only ever take the user to this address (as long as the user’s device is configured to automatically follow a scanned link that is).

What I would suggest is to use one of the URL shortening services that are available. Then, when your customer changes their web address they only need to update the shortened URL to point to the new address. I don’t know whether all URL shortening services give you the option of changing the target URL so check first.

Hope this helps.

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