Query: Reduce the requester after transfer failed

Hi Oz,

if a transfer failed to a cutter (can only talk about my device), is it required to have 2 pop ups, first one telling the transfer failed and the second one telling the transfer failed and it might be caused of cutter busy or paused.


It should only happen once. Are you using Send or Start, or … ? And how are you connected to the machine?

Sending the file to the printer connected via network via Send Button.

The Printer is connected to a WiFi Mesh Extender which sits in my Garage (and has a good connection, but using cables is not an option).

Everytime I try accessing the printer (it is not only the send option), like ‘Getting Position’ etc, if this does not work, I receive 2 Pop Ups.

I increased also the Timeout Value already (with the effect, that if upload fails, Lightburns transfer window says 'not responding).

I’m trying to figure out if the failure is because of the Printer or the Network as I’m not able to upload a recent file (3.4MBs, Ruida Controller).
I don’t blame LB for it, happens with RD Works as well (Chinese popup … so not sure what it is saying).

Do you know if there is any restriction on the Ruida (believe it is a 6442) in terms of filesize?
But 3.4MB should still be good.

I deleted also all existing files already.

Troubleshooting ongoing.

3.5mb is way less than the max size on the Ruida (about 100mb).

You’re going to have problems with that setup though, no question. Ruida controllers use UDP, which does not have any sort of delivery guarantee, and they use a simple send / acknowledge mechanism, with no retries. If you have a packet dropped for any reason at all it will fail the entire transfer.

The ‘Not responding’ thing is just Windows telling you that the app is non responsive, because the timeout locks the UI while waiting for a response.

If cables aren’t an option, and your garage is connected to the same electrical wiring as your home, I would suggest trying Netgear Powerline adapters - I used them with no issues for several years in my last place, and the speeds are well above what your laser will do.

Something like this:

Thanks. I will give it a try.

If this does not work, my next thought could be some sort of USB over IP connection.

Anyway, there are still options I can consider (and seems I need a bigger Garage soon :D).

Let’s see what Best Buy has in stock and retry.


I wanted to know whats going on on my Network, so installed Wireshark, rebooted my system, since then fewer failed transfers

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