Question 1 of 3, today

I have looked in the FAQ and didn’t see the questions or the answers listed. If there is some place where these exist, my apologies, and please point me to such. I’ve obviously gotten ahead of myself in asking the previous questions, and I need to step back a touch further to get a better footing.

Fire. Is there any ‘fire hazard’ with this lasing? As I have the perspective of “Overkill is Under-Rated”, all of our lasing is done in the kitchen, on the cooktop, with the extraction vent running. I’ve ‘curtained’ the area off, and have a fire-extinguisher at hand.

(I grew up with a father who was a volunteer fireman, and have heard MANY stories about how catastrophic structure fires began with sheer and utter stupidity and simpleness. )

Add to that, as My Lady is susceptible to headaches from fumes and those with ridiculously strong perfume/scents etc, this is also a safeguard to prevent that too.

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