Question 2 of 3, Today

Is there a setting in/on Lightburn that notifies you of when the lasing is actually completed? A beep, or a window-popup, or a message, or a light blinking, or SOMETHING to actually let a person know when it is finished and safe to look?

Ours is the xTool D1, and I haven’t found anything yet. Each time I try to do something, the fancy goggles are used, but I’ve no way of knowing if it’s done without looking at it.

How overly neurotic am I being, with protecting my eyes from ‘flash’?

Protecting your eyes is no joke, and I’m happy to hear you are doing it.

As far as the ‘beep’ when finished goes - not that I’ve found - I just installed a security camera that watches over the laser, and I can see it anywhere in the world. For <$60.000 … it works fine for me.


Use a web cam. Should always be aware of the process.

I’ll add for consistency, that the machine itself has a “blinking” LED when the laser is ‘working’ and that same LED (which is on the frame near the power switch) stops blinking and simply “shines brightly” when the laser is finished its task.

Which requires one to actually be looking at the machine to see if it’s working or not. We still have to get actual ‘laser safe’ glasses/eye-protection, so you get the hesitancy, eh?

Depending on your controller you may well have a “status” output that you can use to drive a warning light.

Thank you for that. I’ll look around yt to see if there’s anything out yet, on doing a similar job for our xTool D1. That is essentially what I’m looking for.