Question about adding objects to an Art Library folder

Windows 10 machine version 9.11

Have there been any changes in how objects are added to an Art Library folder? I may be confused but I thought that when I first started creating and filling Art Library folders I could import multiple files at once. Just “Control A” a directory full of SVG files and they would all be added to the folder with one click. Now I am getting a error message telling me
Am I doing something stupid or did the code change to prevent multiple file imports?

If I select one file from the same windows directory it will import correctly but it is adding a [1] or [2] after the file name like it already has a copy loaded? Not sure what thats about either.

I might’ve messed that up with the new file dialog - are you running the public release, or a beta?
Edit - I just checked and this works as expected for me. Are you importing the files from somewhere weird, like a shared network drive?

I am running the beta version, the directory is on my local C: drive. I even tried moving the files to a new directory and I still got the same message about only not being able to load multiple items.

I was able to eventually load all the files, I just had to do them one at a time.

I just posted an updated version to the beta folder. Give that a try and see if you still get the message. There have been a few things cleaned up with the new file browser stuff. I was expecting to see bugs with this.

I loaded the new beta and the import multiple file worked perfectly (like it used to). Whatever you did seems to have fixed it.

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