Question about Enable Rotary slide switch

Does the Enable Rotary switch show the current status of the Ruida controller? For example if enable the Rotary and then turn the laser off. When the laser turns back on again what is the state of the rotary? If it is still on will the Enable Rotary switch be green? And if the controller restarted with the rotary off would the Rotary switch be gray?

I think I am being confused by the status bar message that tell me the Rotary command was successful when I use the Rotary Enable switch to turn on the Rotary mode. The status message say command accepted and then stays on the status bar. So if I then turn the Rotary Switch off, the status bar message still just stays there so I am not 100% sure if the command to turn it off was actually accepted or if the message is still just the old message from when I turned the Rotary on.

If I turn the Rotary on and the communication fails with the switch still turn green?
If I turn the Rotary off and the communication fails with the switch still turn gray?

The state of the rotary switch is updated when the connection to the controller is made. You can force this connection by right-clicking the “Devices” button. If you see “Found Ruida xxxxx” along the bottom of the display, the state of the button will have been updated as well.

There isn’t a way for me to ensure it’s current without constantly polling the controller, which would wreak havoc with the UI. I considered adding a 3rd “indeterminate” state, but if you turn off the controller I don’t actually know about it right away, so even that wouldn’t necessarily be accurate.

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Thank you for the explanation.

Would it be possible to change the status message to say “Rotary Mode successfully turned ON” or
“Rotary Mode successfully turned OFF” so there is a bit more feedback to know it has changed state?

Yes, that should be easy.

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