Question about first use on new computer

I was chatting with someone on Facebook that was having trouble getting LightBurn to see their Boss laser.

He was previously using his laser with LightBurn on an old computer and had just purchased a new computer and was trying to get LightBurn talking to the laser on the new computer.

After going through the standard USB debugging someone said that you must load RDWorks on the computer first. Then LightBurn will be able to communicate with the laser.

Is this true? I have only used LightBurn on one computer and I did install RDWorks before I realized how bad it was.

If I got a new computer would I need to load RDWorks again to make LightBurn work?

I just set up a new system and it does not have RDworks installed.

That is what I thought, but I had not set up a new computer and did not want to give anyone bad advice. Thanks

Just make sure at the end of the LightBurn install process you choose the option to install the FTDI drivers. That is what RDWorks install was doing, and some people need these drivers for LightBurn to communicate to the laser.

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