Question about laser-beam-shaped offset possibilities

Hey guys,

I’m relatively new into laser engraving / laser cutting and own an Atomstack A5 Pro “40W” laser engraver.
The topic, why I jumped into laser engraving, are architecture modells for model-railroads (1:45 & 1:87) - therefore It is necessary to reach a relatively high precission in dimensional topics.

After a few trial runs and meassurements, I found a (in my oppinion) relatively big issue.
Due to the rectangular laser-beam-shape, the cuts in Y-direction are perfectly on the point (with a little offset, setted in the cutting menu). BUT: in X-direction, it cuts the parts smaller than they should be. This issue is not caused by geometrical distortions of the steppers or machine itself - i doubblechecked it a few times.

Out of this issue, I found a lag of the following functionality:
Directional offset.

Let me describe my thoughts:

With the actual LightBurn functionality, the software calculates the X- and Y- Offset with the same distance.
It would be fine, if there is an possibility to tell the software the shape of the real beam in X and Y direction and also the position of the cutting offset. If you have parts close to each other, where both parts share one cutting-line, you should be able to tell the software to use the laser-beam’s middle-line for the cutting-path. If you have to cut outlines/ inner lines, the outer edge of the laser-beam should be used.

In my mind, it’s a pretty simple thing to implement this functionality - but i don’t know, how hard it is in practice.

tl;dr: I’m searching for a possibility to make a directional offset, based on the laser-beam-shape.

Thanks in advance and best regards from germany,