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HI Guys. Sorry my first question is a crap one (lol).

So I went thru the steps to get my company to pay for this… which unfortunately took about 3 weeks, and I come back and the price is not as I remember it - and more importantly its not the number I quoted to the company. Am I seeing something wrong or was there a massive (50%) price increase in the last couple weeks? I see no mention of it anywhere… and it is possible I mis-read something. In any case, if I missed a deal or something I need to know so I can restart the process of getting the company to cover it :slight_smile:
Thanks much

Hello David,

The price has been increased as of August 16th. This was mentioned in the release notes of version 1.0

See this link for reference:

You can always send an email to support and let them know what your situation is. They are always willing to work with people especially if it has taken as long as it has and it is for your company.

Thanks for asking, I was wondering the same thing (in a similar situation). At least now I know I’m not crazy (well at lease for the price change lol).

Honestly, I had the same issue. I saw LB at 80usd and compared it to other softwares we are using which cost me 100usd year. So it was a no-brainer, only to see the price is 120usd today. OUCH. However I still got LB for 120usd, because of the very generous testing period for 30 days! and the use of 2 licences!! (I am gonna use) and I can see the team has done a massive job to push the LB forward!!! I really want to support a good effort here.

Let me add, for new comers… it takes a few good days to see all the powerful features that packed into LB (Trace Image). LB replaced at least 3 softwares I had to pay for.

PS check out the feature request “To thank you for light burn :D”

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And not to forget this is not a subscription each year, it’s a one-off and for that money it’s yours forever.

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