Question about speeding up two pass operations

I am making a lot of Christmas Ornaments on pine using filled vectors (raster scanning)
I have found that I get a the depth of cut I want without burning by making two lower power passes.

The way it works now is to scan across each line from right to left then move the Y axis up one step and scan back from left to right, repeating until it scans the last row at the top. The Y axis then moves back to the bottom and the scan starts over again.

This is giving great results but it takes a good bit of time.

I was curious to see if it might be faster to scan left to right then instead of moving the Y axis to just go ahead and make the second scan left to right then move the Y axis up. So I am getting both passes on each row before moving to the next row. I guess the time would be the same to do two passes this way as it would be to turn off the bidirectional scanning.

But if it does save any time it might be worthwhile to create an option in LightBurn to allow multiple passes per row.

I’m not sure a Ruida controller will allow this - They’re really picky, which is why flood fill had to be turned off - the paths generated by that were pretty unstructured broke some internal rule, and the controllers would just ignore them.

What you’re suggesting would only save the time for the single travel move from top back to bottom before starting the second pass. I can’t picture a job where that would amount to very much.

For many organic materials this will be counter productive as there will still be a lot of residual heat from the first pass and if you go over the same path again immediately you’ve a higher chance of burning/combustion and ash formation in material adjacent to the kerf than if you let the material cool back down before taking subsequent passes. (This is why I’ve asked for the optional ability to have “line” layer type passes complete all objects before starting the next round trip.)

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