Question about using Lightburn with Windows on one machine and Linux on another

I bought a second (crappy) laptop to leave in my shop so my good one doesn’t get all dusty and beat up. The shop one is SUPER slow with Windows 10. Once everything opens Lightburn works great, but getting there is a pain. So I’m considering running Linux on that one to see if it helps.

I’m still in my trial, so my question is… if I have a Linux version on one machine and a Windows version on the other, can I still use the same license key when my trial is over?


I was following you right up until the end.

Not following what you’re asking here. If the trial is over the trial key wouldn’t be valid on either machine. If you’re asking if you’d retain the same key when you buy the software the answer is no, you will get a new key when you purchase. It’s trivially easy to update the key. You can request an offline activation if required as well.

I’m asking about when my trial is over and I buy my license… will that license key work regardless of which OS version I run - since I’d have one Windows version of LB on one laptop and one version of LB on Linux?

Yes, I run it on Ubuntu and Windows (wifes)… Used to take it out to the machine after a sneaker-net file transfer to the Windows box.

I have a Ruida controller, so I have an additional fee for a DSP controller. It also works on my grbl boxes.


That’s what I needed to know. Thanks much, Jack.

Great, you won’t be sorry using Lightburn.

If you’re satisfied, you can mark it ‘solved’…

Take care


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