Question Burning with a laser

Hi everyone,
I am new to LB and to using a laser but am learning fast. Things have gone well, both with LB and my NEJE Master 2s Plus.

My question is now that i have purchased a file, downloaded it, and imported it into LB I come up with a question. The file is for shapes of a 3D Puzzle that i want to make for my grandson. I want to burn/cut the shapes on a piece of 3 mm Ply but i quickly realized that for the puzzle pieces to stay attached to the board until he punches them out they would have to burn through on about 80% of the piece with say 5 mm on each side of the piece only burned through about 90%of the wood. I assume that i would need to instruct the software to do this. Can you tell me where to start and if there are any tricks to employ.
Thanks in advance,

I think what you are looking for in this case is the tabs feature, which is documented here:

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Thank you for your feedback. It was very helpful and will apply it.

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