Question of purchased options for Lightburn

Hi there,
I’m new to this forum and new to LigthBurn, I just got the trial version however I want to know which version do I need to purchase for my X-Tool D1? There are different prices when I go to the purchase options.
Also is there any discount code for Lightburn?

Thank you!

xTool D1 would require at least the G-code version. The DSP version also includes g-code functionality in case you had a need for DSP as well. No need to buy 2 different versions in that case.

Not aware of any discount codes.

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Thanks for replying, however I still confused. on the DSP license which is $60 it said that I need to have the G-Code license first in order to upgrade to DSP license.

Be careful with which one you’re looking at. $60 is for the upgrade from G-Code → DSP. DSP license is $120. G-code license by itself is $60.

Thank you JMichael, I’ll check with them, I’m actually use it on one PC, not thinking on use it anywhere else. I just start this hobby and I want to make sure I get the right version and later not have to pay extra for something else.

Welcome on board Yamez…

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Actually I think the xTool D1 is a grbl machine. No need for the DSP license.

Download the free trial once you have the proper firmware installed and go for a test drive… :crazy_face:

The Ruida controller is an example of a DSP and is a more expensive controller used on commercial machines and popular in the more expensive Chinese hobby lasers. They have proprietary control code, which is why you have to pay a license. Not required for a grbl machine.

Your profile says DSP, so it’s probably confusing…

Good luck



You will need the GCode version to support your xTool D1, found here: LightBurn Software - GCode License Key :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’m running the trial version now, once I get close to the date I will get this one

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