Question on Acrylic Basic Stuff

I have remnants of a 8 pack 3mm acrylic sheets laying around. I got them off the big A a year or so ago.

I want to do some 2mm translucent earrings for my customers in Florida as samples. I know they have Cast and something else. I can’t remember what the difference is between them with regard to lasering.

This is what I’m looking at right now.

This is what I bought sometime last year.

I just want a thinner piece of acrylic, but the Cast and what ever else it’s called escapes me.

Cast and extruded… I think extruded gives me better cuts… so that’s what I purchase.

Some say there is more of a variance with cast, because it sits to cure whereas extruded is squirted out of a nozzle… beats me…

Halloween earrings?

Good luck


Probably not Halloween stuff. To time sensitive.
More like seashells, crabs, starfish, etc…

Thanks for the info. I did send some to one of my customers, but they told me the girls there weren’t to impressed with those. 3mm is kind of thick for earrings, hence the 2mm try…

I did some leaf style earrings out of Birch sheets I bought off of Amazon. Stained them in walnut stain. Some girl bought 6 pairs for the store where she works. Saw her this a.m. while dropping off a couple of tumblers for her.

She told me she’s in partnership with a small boutique in the next town over, and wanted 20 more pairs…

You just never know.

I should get off my bottom and pay off this fiber :crazy_face:


I really don’t make much on these… More of creating leads for other things. I sell them for 2.50 a pair. I bought 1100 designs this a.m. off Etsy from 1 seller for 3.00. I have enough earring templates to last a life time.

I think I hear my yard swing calling my name. Got to make me an afternoon beverage, and call it a day. Grass mowing season is dying down, and I’ll have more time to mess around in the shop.

Tomorrow I’m making tumbler samplers with keychains, pens, etc… stuffed in them to take to Florida in a week or so to see if I can scrum up another customer or two.

You have a good one Mister Jack!


Cast is great for engraving as the engraving comes out nice and frosty white. It cuts OK but the edge of the cut is not great looking. Extruded doesn’t engrave well, but the cuts look very nice. So if you are just cutting, use extruded if you can. If you are engraving (along with cutting or not) then use cast. The other thing is that extruded isn’t commonly available in colors or opaque. Most of it is clear only. Cast is what you find in colors.

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Thanks ma man!

I use cast for everything, as I find that extruded is just too brittle. Also it sometimes develops cracks from edges that have been sanded and polished, especially on assemblies that have been bonded with liquid solvent glue (I use Tensol cement).
I’m in the U.K., and use a supplier called Technology Supplies, an educational supplier, and they have a good range of colours and thicknesses, including a light gathering variant which can be used with an led projected from the edge to show up engraving.

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Who would know better than Acme Plastics :face_with_spiral_eyes: ?

I think they lay it out pretty well…