Question on engraving with high-power tubes

I’m currently awaiting delivery on a Chinese 100-watt machine and I’m curious if anyone here has any experience engraving with them? I’ve read that these might actually have too much power for proper fine-detail engraving. It’s a Reci W2 tube so it should be at least 90 watts.

I have the same tube and I have no problems with fine engraving. I can down the power to 6.6%… I think in chinesse laser is more a matter of speed and acceleration if you want to get fine details

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Excellent, good to hear from someone with the same tube. Thanks very much!

I engrave without problem with a 130W tube. Just focus carefully, and it’ll be fine.

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you have to test, but you can approach 0 power, even with a big tube.

the problem is to find the spot. depending on your machine, it may be 5%, 8.6% or 20.3%… don’t be afraid to make tests, decrease power until it does not fire and re-up slowly (using decimal values) until you’re ok with the output.

the interval when you go from 0 effective power to something substantial can be narrow. for mine, at 16% power i have no output, and at 18% it can be too much for cutting paper without burning, while my real max is around 62%.

I have the same RECI W2 tube, and have problems engraving because the tube is too powerful at the lowest power (around 8% – 7% or lower doesn’t fire).

It does engrave though, just at a very high speed. Detail isn’t as good as others who have a lower power laser.

you should try fine-tuning between 7 and 8%. start at 7.5, then refine by dichotomy. those machines can be very accurate, so if you can find the right decimal, it may be worth it.

Quality of the power supply is also a factor in this equation.

I read somewhere that Reci tubes and power supplies have some sort of setting for pre-ionization for this very issue. Can anyone with more knowledge confirm or deny?

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