Question on Plywood Mask / Tape Settings

Hi All,

I did a search on this but did not find an answer about the settings.

I have been using my laser now for a few months or so without the need to paint, fill or color any of my projects but now I need to add a paint fill. I have tried using sign vinyl tape / mask but a ton of adhesive is left behind and it isn’t working too well.

I am using Briteline Transfer tape from my sign supplier and the settings on my 100w laser are 500mms / 50% power and 250LPI. My first attempt was 500mm/ 40% and 250lpi. Both left a ton of adhesive residue behind.

Any help would be very appreciated!


Don’t burn vinyl/pvc! The fumes are extremely toxic. I use regular masking tape. You can even find it in 12” wide rolls for large pieces.

Hi BigAlienRobot,

Thanks for your reply. I am not using sign vinyl for the mask. I am using sign vinyls “transfer tape/mask” because it is a thin, low tack adhesive and works well keeping paint from bleeding.



Lowered Speed to 450 / Power Decreased to 35% / LPI Increased to 300LPI

Clean removal. Crisp lines. Worked perfect.